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Dry Grad and Prom 2023

Please note: That all events and fundraising on this page are conducted by parents and students involved with parent sponsored Dry Grad and Prom celebration.

Dry Grad and Prom are parent organized events at D.P. Todd Secondary, none of these events are School District 57 school events.

Parents and students please follow on Instagram at dptoddgrad2023 or on Facebook at DP Todd grad 2023 for all the latest information and to have your voices heard.

 Prom is Saturday June 3rd at The House of Ancestors.
 Dry Grad is Saturday June 10th at the Northern Sports Center.

We are still looking for parent(s) and students who would like to help out and volunteer for fundraising or if you would like to be part of the email list, please email Don Bruneski at [email protected].