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PAC Information

D. P. Todd's current P.A.C. Executive:

  • Chair:  Kim Pryschlak

  • Vice-Chair:  

  • Treasurer:  Tara Gauthier

  • Secretary:  Tara Gauthier

Meetings are held in the school Library the first Tuesday of every month. Next PAC meeting is Tuesday September 12, 2023 @ 6pm in the DPTodd Library.
P.A.C. is an opportunity for parents to provide input regarding school function and environment directly to school administration.  Parents have an opportunity to better understand what is taking place in their child's school, discuss and share ideas, thoughts and concerns with other parents.  Part of what makes D.P. Todd a choice school, one of the best in the district, is an environment supportive of a positive experience in learning.  Active presence, support and involvement by parents in various school functions contribute significantly to this environment.

On behalf of DP Todd P.A.C., I encourage everybody to take advantage of the opportunity a P.A.C. provides.  Become more directly involved in the environment of your child's education. Help us fulfill our mission.  

Thank you and please find and like us on Facebook: DP TODD PAC | Prince George BC | Facebook


District Parent Advisory Council (DPAC)